Our Team

The MEU Scotland Organising Team are all passionate about promoting European citizenship and opportunities, all are active in the fields of education and politics, and have experience as former MEU Participants who are keen to grow MEU in Scotland.

Joined by a growing list of support officers (check out our opportunities to join if interested!) we’re working hard to put together the biggest European youth politics event in Scotland and to set a strong foundation for many years of MEU Scotland events to come!


Gary Paterson

Director-General of MEU Scotland
President of BETA Scotland

@MrGary Paterson

Gary Paterson is a European youth activist focused on widening opportunities, tackling inequality, and developing European citizenship and education. Previously the President of Strathclyde Students Union and the Vice President (Communities) of the National Union of Students Scotland as well as the Scottish Youth Parliament’s Education Convener.

Gary has a strong European interest and identity, having serving as Scottish Youth Ambassador to Europe and has helped shape EU youth policy regarding educational and student matters, notably by contributing adopted recommendations to the Italian and Luxembourg Presidencies of the Council of the EU, as well as leading the Young European Council’s Education and Employment recommendations to the European Commission in 2015. Gary was involved in the campaign to remain in the EU as a Spokesperson for the Students For Europe Campaign and was a campaigner for the ‘Scotland In Europe’ campaign.

Gary currently works for a Member of the Scottish Parliament and is a volunteer and activist for a number of EU youth and education bodies to further European citizenship and development.

Participant at MEU Strasbourg 2014, MEU Warsaw 2016, MEU Paris 2018, MEU Lisbon 2018
Commssioner at MEU Granada 2019
Organiser of MEU Scotland 2017, 2018, 2019


Liam McCabe

Content Coordinator of MEU Scotland
Vice-President of BETA Scotland


Liam is a young activist operating in trade unions, the student movement, left politics and European affairs. Liam campaigned for a Remain vote in Scotland during the European referendum, has been vice-president of the Young European Movement in Glasgow and attended European events such as EYE2016, MEU Warsaw 2016 and is organising a trip to YOFest! 2017 in Maastricht this February for disadvantaged students, encouraging them and others to consider Erasmus and other international exchanges.

As President of the National Union of Students Scotland, he spends his time working to improve student opportunities. Through organising and supporting student groups and volunteers, improving infrastructure and mobilising resources, he seeks to assist students in achieving their objectives in the university community and in wider society. He runs various projects and campaigns around internationalisation, ethical and environmental issues, housing and more.

Participant at MEU Warsaw 2016
Organiser of MEU Scotland 2017, 2018, 2019

Maria Nagy

Logistics Coordinator of MEU Scotland


Third year social work student at Glasgow Caledonian University. Maria is actively participating in student life, with a passion to enhance student experience. Currently Women’s Officer and departmental representative at the University and holding the chair position for Student Voice, the University’s student democratic decision-making body. She is the former president of GCU European Society.

Maria is a campaigner for equality, human rights and cultural diversity and takes an active part in the events of BETA Scotland promoting European citizenship in Glasgow and wider Scotland. Maria participated in various campaign at the university to highlight certain issues based on gender and she was an active campaigner in the run-up to the 2019 European Elections, promoting voting in Scotland and beyond.

Attending as an MEP at last year’s MEU Scotland (her first MEU), she joins our team this year to help support the delivery of the next conference.

Participant at MEU Scotland 2018
Organiser of MEU Scotland 2019

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