Social Events

We’re currently working on our social programme, with further details to be confirmed.


We will kick off the conference on arrival night with a celebration of European culture through music, food, and drink, participants will bring the best of their home countries cuisine (with our organising team brining the best of the local treats!) so that you can get a chance to meet everyone and make friends on your first night!


MEU Scotland Ceilidh Night

Join us for one of the highlights of MEU Scotland 2017, come dance, laugh, and listen to traditional Scottish music as we take part in an evening ceilidh. Don’t worry if you haven’t done it before, our band will help you along the way, and finding your feet is part of the fun!


An Evening Reception

We are currently working on an evening event to celebrate the success of the conference, and will be in touch with participants to confirm details.


And more…


We will releasing further details of our schedule soon, including more activities, free time, and detail of our visit to the Scottish Parliament and Edinburgh

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