The MEU Scotland simulation covers the decision-making of the European Union through the discussion of topical proposals by participants in the EU’s legislative bodies – the Parliament, consisting of MEPs representing parties and countries, and the Council, consisting of Ministers representing national governments.

Alongside the political activity of the decision-making bodies, we cover the role of journalists seeking to bring the truth to the issues and deliberations through our daily publication and keynote conferences.

After appointment, pre-arrival preparatory work on the two proposals will inform participant’s role and position during the simulation, which will be supported on our induction day covering the issues of these topics. After this its over to you as debates, negotiations, and the process of European decision-making takes place over our three day session.

In MEU Scotland, you will experience European policy process and decision-making in a professional and engaging environment, develop your own understanding and experience with European politics, and will make friends for life as you share in the fun and excitement of MEU Scotland! Apply Now!


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