Main Recruitment is now open for MEU Scotland 2019 Participants!

Find out more about the roles available at this year’s conference here.


Final Round Applications Close Sunday 22nd September 2019

Our application is hosted on Google Forms, please upload a CV with your application.
If you do not have a CV you can build one at ease for free at EuroPass.

Recruitment Schedule:

This year we are improving our recruitment schedule in order to give you more time to prepare your participation, book time off/arrange cheaper travel. 

1) Applications Open

You can apply to attend MEU Scotland by filling out our application form, we outline the whole application on one page so you can prepare your application in advance. Submit your application, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Please take time when preparing your application, and be sure to answer each area – you should aim for a short paragraph for most. And don’t worry, you do not need to be an expert (it is a learning event after all), just outline your passion!

2) Appointment of Role

We will appoint roles on a bi-weekly basis throughout the coming recruitment period. We will confirm your appointment by email, outlining your role.

At this point we will ask you to make payment of your participation fee (and accommodation fee if relevant).

Please ensure you pay your accommodation fee (details here) as soon as possible. We guarantee a space in our pre-booked beds at the current pricing for the first 40 registrations.

3) Allocation of Position

At the final conclusion of the recruitment period, you will be contacted again to outline your role position (for example which country you will represent, or which political group you will sit in). You then need to start preparing your position on the topics with this in mind.

4) Preparation

And now you are almost ready to go! You will be given a task to prepare your position on the topics being debated at the conference, have this ready in the run up to the conference and you are all good to go!

5) Attend MEU Scotland 2019

At this stage, you’ve made it and have a fun week ahead! See the schedule here!

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