Access and Opportunities Policy

MEU Scotland is committed to improving inclusion, access, and opportunities.

The founding principles of our conference and its host organisation Bringing Europeans Together Association Scotland is in the pursuit of these goals within education and cultural exchange, political empowerment, and European integration.

As such, BETA Scotland confirms our commitment to access and opportunities through the following policy.


All MEU Scotland activities will take place in a fully accessible venue, ensuring wheelchair and low-mobility access.

Some activities for MEU Scotland require usage of public transport such as the Glasgow Subway, where there is limited mobility MEU Scotland will provide for a taxi at no cost to the participant.

All events at MEU Scotland will take place at venues which have first aid provision on premises and have undertaken safety-assessments.

MEU Scotland understands there are many limitations in accessibility of youth events and will therefore explore and advocate for additional accessibility support features, and welcome feedback in this regard.


MEU Scotland will undertake widening participation activities in order to promote and support participation from under-represented groups.

MEU Scotland will promote development opportunities, through:

  • The creation of new support positions which allow gaining of further experience.
  • The creation of a Second Vice-President of the European Parliament which will be considered only for applications with no previous Chairing experience.
  • First offer of Parliament & Council Secretary Roles to Chair applicants, providing development opportunity to aspiring Chairs.
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