Given the digital nature of this year’s conference and the limitations that puts on us as opposed to a full-scale MEU, we have streamlined our topics for this year’s conference, which can be found below.

Digital Council of the European Union 2020 will discuss the following topics:

Topic 1: Third Country Nationals, Stateless Persons, & Their Rights to Receive International Protection

the Erasmus+ programme supports student international exchange, mobility, and youth projects. The EU proposes to double the funding available to the Erasmus+ budget over the next decade, which will enable it to reach three times as many young people, better reach disadvantaged young people, play a more global role, and provide a free travel experience to explore Europe’s culture and heritage.

Topic 2: Establishing a Creative Europe Programme

the European Solidarity Corps enables young people to volunteer in projects such as helping to prevent natural disasters or rebuild afterwards, assisting in centres for asylum seekers, or addressing different social issues in communities, The EU wants to continue the project and increase its funding and focus of the Corps.

These topics are surely going to raise a number of questions: do they go far enough, why should they be prioritised over other areas in a reducing budget, is it merely EU propaganda? You decide!


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