New to MEUs: Introducing Political Support Officers

MEU Scotland 2018 will include a new addition to the concept this year in the role of Political Support Officers to the Parliamentary Groups.

The role will provide a representation of the support provided to MEPs by staffers, from the provision of research briefings, debate points and rebuttals, assistance with amendments, and strategic consultation helping political groups to make their voice heard and their desires enacted.

Helping us launch this new concept are some of the most experienced MEU figures from across Europe, with professional experience working in politics, governments, education, and NGOs.

Details of each Political Group’s PSO will be released daily on our social media channels through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

MEU Scotland’s Director-General, Gary Paterson said: 

“This new addition to the MEU concept is focused on increasing the power and impact of our political debates, and helping MEP Participants with the same kind of support their real life counterparts call on to influence change.”

“Our own experiences as an Organising Team working in campaigns, NGOs, and Parliaments, reminds us of the important role this support provides in debate and decision-making, and we hope its inclusion will inspire further exploration of the function, role, and output of legislatures at the EU level and beyond.”

“PSOs will work for the factions, providing MEPs with briefings, debate lines, and support with amendments – helping MEPs to provide impactful contributions and disarming rebuttals.

“We’re also very excited about the strategic guidance PSOs will provide to help Political Groups to hammer out their demands, compromises, and deals – as such we’ve put together an experienced team of PSOs with direct expertise in the Groups they will support.”

“We are very excited about how these roles will enhance the experience for participants at MEU Scotland, and it is a great honour to receive such a strong vote of confidence launching this concept with such an inspiring and experienced PSO team.”

Applications for Participants are now open, join us at #MEUscot18:


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