MEU Scotland 2018 Announced With Exciting New Roles and Features

BETA Scotland are pleased to announce that the second edition of MEU Scotland will take place between the 18th to 23rd of October 2018 in Glasgow, departing on the 24th.

MEU Scotland 2018 follows a highly successful introductory year, resulting in the awarding of a National Award of the Charlemagne Youth Prize 2018 and the granting of the Patronage of the European Parliament.


Building on these achievements and the great memories with our participants, we are excited to plan a bigger and better MEU Scotland with many new initiatives which we hope will have an exciting impact on the conference.

Applications are now open for Chairs and Coordinators, for voluntary and simulation staff roles on the organisation and content team, and we are introducing an Early Application Period which is open from today.

What’s new at MEU Scotland 2018?

After an exciting inaugural year, we have big plans for the year ahead. So far, these are confirmed as the introduction of:

  • Lobbyists, and a Lobbyist Coordinator, to the Participation of MEU Scotland, providing an influencing factor to the decision-making process.
  • Political Support Officers, whose role will be to reflect that of the political advisors and support staff in Parliament, assisting with policy briefings, headline figures for your speeches, and prepared lines and secretarial support.
  • Legal Services, providing unbiased technical responses to questions about legal process as well as supporting you to navigate the topical questions, and leaving Commissioners free to fight for their proposals.
  • Improved digital services, with online payments and simplified accommodation booking, a conference app, and a digital voting system for the Parliament.
  • Formalised mobility policy detailing how we are helping to make our conference physically accessible.
  • A longer planning and application period, including an early registration period to allow those who want sooner certainty to book flights or arrange commitments.
  • And more still to be confirmed…


MEU Taster

In addition to MEU Scotland 2018, we are excited to announce a new project for BETA Scotland. The organising team are passionate about widening participation and facilitating cultural and political integration between Scotland and Europe, to that end we are beginning an exciting new project for 2018 focused on bringing new faces to MEUs and European politics with an accessible introduction to EU decision-making.

Prior to this year’s MEU Scotland, we will run a training and development event bringing together young Scots to learn about Europe and take part in a ‘Taster MEU’ at a venue and date to be announced. Participants of this event will also be invited to take part in #MEUscot18

More details on this exciting project will be announced in the coming weeks.

What’s next?

As we await the outcome of our funding application and the finalisation of final details, the main application period for MEU Scotland will be open from Monday the 30th July. However, for those keen to apply sooner, we are launching an early recruitment period from today until Sunday the 29th of July.

Recruitment is also open now for a number of Chairing and Support positions.

Keep in touch with MEU Scotland on our newsletter, and social media through Facebook and Twitter with the #MEUscot18 hashtag.

We look forward to inviting you all to another fantastic MEU Scotland!


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