Bringing Europeans Together Association Scotland awarded Charitable Status

MEU Scotland’s organising body, Bringing Europeans Together Association Scotland, are pleased to announce our awarding of charitable status by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

BETA Scotland will further the advancement of education and citizenship through events, campaigns, and initiatives to develop youth political empowerment, participation, and European citizenship.

Key to this will be our annual Model European Union Conference, and BETA Scotland will also undertake other activities including events, development opportunities, and campaigns which further European citizenship.

Partnership Meeting with the European Parliament Office in Scotland, MEU Scotland 2017 was proud to be supported by both the European Commission and Parliament Representations in Scotland, and to be granted patronage of the Parliament by the EP President.

Gary Paterson, President of BETA Scotland said,

“Off the back of an energising and exciting inaugural Model European Union Scotland, we are pleased to have our charitable status awarded by the Scottish charities regulator.”

“Bringing Europeans Together Association Scotland is the first dedicated EU youth charity established in Scotland – created and developed by passionate young Europeans excited about building a space in Scotland for young people to develop and voice their European citizenship.”

“We are also fortunate to be joined in this journey by a network of youth NGOs across Europe as a partner of the wider European BETA organisation, which was similarly established by young people who wanted to encourage empowerment through participation.”

“In these challenging yet pivotal times, we are looking forward to working with our partners and supporters to build on this year’s activity with new events, opportunities, and campaigns which will support the development and empowerment of young European change makers.”

MEU Scotland 2017 Participants meeting Scotland’s Europe Minister Dr Alasdair Allan MSP

BETA Scotland will begin recruitment for the organising teams of its projects, including MEU Scotland, in the new year.

BETA Scotland’s Organisational Leadership:

In addition to BETA’s Organisers, BETA’s registered Charitable Officers are:

Nicoletta Primo (Left), Gary Paterson (Centre), Liam McCabe (Right)

Gary Paterson – President
Gary is a European youth activist focused on widening opportunities, tackling inequality, and developing European citizenship and education. Gary currently works for an MSP, studies at the University of Strathclyde, and has previously served as the Strathclyde Student President, VP (Communities) of NUS Scotland, the Scottish Youth Parliament’s Education Convener, and Scotland’s European Youth Ambassador.

Nicoletta Primo – Vice President
Nicoletta is a passionate European activist with her Scot-Italian roots fueling her solid belief in a European identity. Nicoletta currently works for an MP, and has held positions at Eurojust – the EU’s Judicial Cooperation Unit – in The Hague, the European Parliament, and was a founding member of the Edinburgh Students Coalition Against Poverty.

Liam McCabe – Vice President
A young activist operating in trade unions, the student movement, left politics and European affairs, running various projects and campaigns around internationalisation, ethical and environmental issues, housing and more. Liam currently serves as the Vice President (Volunteering and Development) at Strathclyde Students’ Union, and is NUS Scotland’s Postgraduate Officer.


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